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Reminders of the '70s. Where I used to work at Dan's.

We'll add photos of the Falcon when we dig them out of mothballs and do some image grabs from some Super 8 films.

This car was raced in the '70s primarily at Gulfport, Mobile and Hub City Dragways.

Ran high 12s.

Specs: originally a 170 cubic inch six cylinder, kept the springs

Ford 302, over 60, 289 heads with larger Chevy valves, Crower cam and valve train, Jahn's racing pistons @ 11.5

FMX transmission, shift kit, TCI converter

9 inch rear, 28 spline axles, detroit locker, 4.11 ratio

5 lug Mustang spindles

Holley red fuel pump, regulator, 780 vacuum secondary carb on top of a Torker manifold

Accel dual-point distributor and super coil

Tires: Front 5.56x15, Rear Street F60x15

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